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Welcome to Extra Perks Coffee Shop and Cafe, located in north Old Town Alexandria.

**Now offering full table service, alongside our usual self service, during our weekend brunch!  Just let us know when you arrive.**

Welcome to Extra Perks Coffee Shop and Cafe, located in north Old Town Alexandria.  Extra Perks is celebrating its 19th year in operation, and has ample seating for its customers to come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 

Equipped with a full kitchen, and using only the freshest of ingredients (including quality banger sausages from a local butcher in Springfield) Extra Perks proudly serves hearty, traditional British fare along side your American favorites for breakfast, lunch, a late afternoon snack, or dinner. 

We warmly welcome you to come and dine in.     

Sat/Sun Brunch served until 2:30 pm, closed at 3 pm

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