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About Us

Perks was founded in 2000 by Phil and Kem McCombie on a quiet block in Old Town Alexandria and quickly became the go-to place for both the many businesses and residents in the surrounding area.

Soon Perks out grew its little space, and in 2009, when space became available, Perks became Extra Perks, expanded to 64 seats and added a full kitchen.  Stop by early to grab your seat on the comfy couch next to the fire, or find your way to a cozy table.

From an ice cold smoothie and a great slice of quiche in the summer, to a hot cup of coffee and a hearty plate of bangers and mash in the winter, Extra Perks has you covered.   Additionally, in a tribute to Phil's English heritage, there are many traditional English foods, candies, biscuits and other British treats for sale in the cafe.

*Extra Perks proudly uses Chesapeake Bay Coffee, located in nearby Maryland.  Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company is committed to making this world a better place by lowering their carbon footprint nearly 80% compared to today's traditional roasters.  They also pledge 2% of their sales to their H20 Initiative Program.  Click here to read more.

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